1997 - ready to depart

Almost a year passed before the next team was ready to depart, the first journey was fantastic but there was so much more that we wanted to add to it, and this took time to get it right. One of the main changes was to establish a suitable Spanish language course at the start of the adventure, giving everyone an added skill and arming them with an essential tool to get even more out of their time in South America. It was also the chance to visit another country, as Quito in Ecuador proved to be an excellent location for a few weeks learning the lingo and taking in the culture.

So it was here that the Quest model of combining language training, voluntary work and adventurous expeditions was formed - often copied but never equalled!

We also started to realise that, although people would only be on a Quest journey for a couple of months, once they became a Quest student, they would always be a Quest student! The project phase this year had such an impact on the team that Quest Overseas organised its first fundraiser in the UK after the trip. It might just have been a tennis marathon on Clapham Common (10 hours and £3000 raised for the orphanages of Lima), but it paved the way for some fantastic continued support for our projects - read on...


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