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There is nothing worse than paying for something, only to find that there are a whole host of hidden costs you haven't been told about. We've all been there at some point, which is why Quest doesn't want to be guilty of this with our projects and expeditions.

Quest Overseas covers all your costs on the ground, but what does that mean? A claim like this varies from organisation to organisation, so it's important that you do your research. With Quest this means all your accommodation and food of course, but that's not all. What you pay covers EVERYTHING you will be doing whilst part of the team. Your travel insurance, all transport, activities (PADI scuba diving courses in Mozambique , the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, ice climbing, the list goes on), all equipment and materials necessary for your team to complete the project and financial support to the project for the months we are not there. Your international flights are not included, but once out in Africa or South America the only things not covered are activities on a handful (literally a handful) of free days, the gifts you buy for friends and family, personal expenses (internet, laundry, snacks etc.) and evening drinks.


Fundraising - yes it is possible!  Check out our dedicated fundraising page for tips, ideas and case studies, or download our quick guide Top Tips for Gap Year Fundraising.


Below are the dates and costs of our team departures for  2015. The above should help to explain what they include, our where does the money go page will give you a little more detail. If there is anything you would like clarifying or would like some more information, just contact us.



Journey Name Start date End date Payment to Quest 
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What does this cover?

See above for detail on what is and isn't covered and where the money is going.

Project Donation 
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What is the donation for?

The donation to your project helps to give essential short, medium and long term support for the project site, ensuring the work you do is not only worthwhile but can be continued and maintained, giving genuine benefit to the project.

We have long standing relationships with all our projects and partners and are committed to supporting their work all year round.  For more information you may want to read about the Fair Trade Volunteering Movement ( of which Quest is a founding member.  



Villa Maria Mini Exped 7th/14th/21st/28th January 12th March £1,950.00 - £2,250 £600 - £900  
Bolivia Mini Exped 18th March 7th May £2,050.00 £700.00  
Manu, Peru 28th April 12th June £2,150.00 £650.00  


Malawi Project
12th April 24th May £1,550.00 £850.00  
Rwanda Boys Home 12th March 23th April £1,450.00 £850.00  
Rwanda Project + Exped 12th March 4th June £4,550.00 £850.00  


Bolivia Project 2nd July 13th August £1,200.00 £850.00  
incl. add-on Exped 2nd July 27th August £1,920.00 £850.00  
Peru Project  16th July 13th August £1,100.00 £700.00  
incl. add-on Exped 16th July 27th August £1,820.00 £700.00  
Manu Peru Project 14th July 14th August £1,300.00 £750.00  
incl. add-on Exped 14th July 27th August £2,020.00 £750.00  
Andean Exped 14th July 27th August £2,925.00 £75.00  


Rwanda Project 2nd July 6th August £1,350.00 £750.00  
African Exped 9th July 23rd August £2,775.00 £75.00  
Malawi Project 17th July 17th August £1,350.00 £700.00  
Uganda Project 17th July 21st August £1,350.00 £850.00