Did you celebrate the leap year?

18 at 72!


It certainly was an important day for this 72 year old gran who finally celebrated her official 18th birthday in style! 


The leap day exists purely for astronomical reasons however many curious myths, traditions and even laws surrounding the 29th of February have been formed.

Although this might not be the best way to take advantage of the situation..

Making the most of the situation


The practice of women proposing on the 29th is different around the world. In Denmark you're supposed to propose on the 24th not the 29th, and if the man refuses he has to give the woman 12 pairs of gloves. In Finland it's not gloves but fabric for a skirt. In Greece it is considered unlucky to marry on a leap day or even year, and in Scotland it is considered unlucky to be born on a leap day. The New Zealand Parliament has actually decreed that if a person was born on the 29th of February their legal birthday on non leap years shall be on the 28th.


From all at Quest we would like to wish all our leap year babies a very happy birthday indeed! We hope you enjoyed it.




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