Eoin Dornan

Job title: Project Leader and African Expedition Leader

Favourite line from a film:  Eoin Dornan

David St. Hubbins: I do not, for one, think that the problem was that the band was down. I think that the problem may have been, that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf. Alright? That tended to understate the hugeness of the object. (Spinal Tap)

How do you deal with stress:

I make sure somebody else understands the gravity of the situation then let them worry about it.

Your favourite place:

It's varies year on year but most recently it was in the Brecon Beacons, lounging in heather, as my tent and sleeping bag dried out.

Your best day at quest so far?

I enjoyed our recent Three Peaks Challenge.  I managed to devour a packet of Haribo, a couple large dairy milks, numerous fistfuls of assorted nuts, a bag of dried cherries, copious amounts of mini Babybels and a burger king meal before reaching the second peak.  Thankfully, we had pasta afterwards.

Who makes you laugh?

Honest people.

Last journey you took:

To Torbay, in Devon, for a half marathon. I'm only now regaining feeling in my right side.

Proudest moment at work:

Raising enough money to build a Tanzanian toilet.

3 people you would like to have dinner with dead or alive?

Billy Connelly (when he was funny), Ernest Shackelton and George McDonald Fraser


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