2 Mar 2014 20:06, 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Expedition update number one from Villa Maria Team

Written exquisitely by Noah (and the arc), Hannah banana's flowery touch and of course with the soundtrack of the Frenchy's cackle.

4am. The sirens of our alarms penetrated the ears of ten gringos. Exhaustion rippled through the darkness of Miraflores, Lima as the impending sweet prospect of our adventure lay in wait.


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24 Feb 2014 10:36, 4 months, 4 weeks ago


24 Feb 2014 10:33, 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Notes from the field - Matty in Sucre, Bolivia

Hola everyone! Having read some fantastic blog reports from the Villa Maria GAP team 2014, I felt it was about time there was a report from a Quest Leader 'in the field'!

My name is Matty and I am currently in the beautiful Bolivian City of Sucre.

Sucre has a chilled out, relaxed atmosphere that I have (as of now) been unable to find in the rest of Bolivia. From the multitude of funky little cafes, stunning plazas and breathtaking architecture, Sucre really is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy some of the best aspects of Bolivian culture.


18 Feb 2014 10:43, 5 months ago

Villa Maria team says goodbye to their project

A Farewell to Villa Maria

By Zoe, Tilly, and Tom

Our last week in Villa Maria has rapidly approached, and we have began the process of reminiscing. We now laugh at our first impressions of Villa Maria, when staying here for a month seemed like a daunting and difficult task. Now after four weeks, which seem to have flown by, we are all saddened by the prospect of leaving.