11 Aug 2014 13:46, 4 months, 1 week ago

Hello from Malawi!

Hello from Malawi!!

Almost into our last week of Malawi and we are all still having an amazing time! We have almost finished refurbishing the feeding centre and its kitchen and the boys have been keeping up their carpentry skills with refurbishing the desks for the primary school. The villagers are extremely friendly and always try their best with speaking English to us and trying to teach us Chichewa as well. Ida is cooking us some traditional African dishes such as nsima, veg and kidney beans and even being treated to mandasi which has been going down a treat.

Last Sunday we climbed Michiru Mountain, so an early start was in order to climb to the peak before the hot midday sun was out. The climb was tiring but the view at the top was completely worth it with a stunning bird's eye view of Blantyre and other villages – we could even see Chilingani in the distance! This week has mainly consisted of painting and liming the feeding centre and in our spare time creating educational posters on important issues such as: HIV/AIDS, health and hygiene, Malaria and the benefits of staying in school.

The plan for next week is to spend the first few days decorating the interior of the feeding centre with things such as the alphabet and numbers and then rounding off the end of the week and our time in Malawi with a trip to Lake Malawi for a relaxed few days before flying back home.

6 Aug 2014 11:52, 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Achimuene! from our Malawi Summer team

Thanks to Liz Munday for her update from Malawi, keep up the great work guys.


Having finished our stay in Chillingani, we have just arrived in Pensulo. It was very sad to say goodbye to all of the wonderful children we got on so well with, and the rest of the community, but we have made great memories. We finished building the foundations and walls of the new headteacher's office and staffroom after much hard work and lots of fun and laughter, this was a great achievement. We hope it will be a huge benefit to the teachers.


5 Aug 2014 16:32, 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Villa Maria Team - week two, house two


Thanks Becca (Quinn) for another great update from the guys working hard in Lima:

Day 11
It was time to perform again! After a few more days of practice we felt more prepared for our next routines in groups of 2 and 3 with dances ranging from disco to mambo. The show went well everybody getting their most difficult moves spot on! Though some feel their dignity went out the window a while back but the audience seemed to enjoy it! The grand finale, after the scores were revealed, was finding out our new dances. Look forward to seeing dances on the theme of salsa, country, rock and roll and cumbia. When we got back home we rewarded ourselves, or should we say Alex and Iza did, with Kladdkaka (a swedish gooey, yummy chocolate cake).


24 Feb 2014 10:33, 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Notes from the field - Matty in Sucre, Bolivia

Hola everyone! Having read some fantastic blog reports from the Villa Maria GAP team 2014, I felt it was about time there was a report from a Quest Leader 'in the field'!

My name is Matty and I am currently in the beautiful Bolivian City of Sucre.

Sucre has a chilled out, relaxed atmosphere that I have (as of now) been unable to find in the rest of Bolivia. From the multitude of funky little cafes, stunning plazas and breathtaking architecture, Sucre really is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy some of the best aspects of Bolivian culture.


10 Feb 2014 16:33, 10 months, 1 week ago

A day in the life of a Villa Maria volunteer

A Day in the Life of a Villa Maria Volunteer

By Tilly Danby and Zoe Kayton

Ten alarm clocks sound at 6.15 am and the team awakens with the good intention of going for a jog. On a usual day about half us will actually leave the cosy confines of our beds and head out with Pato in the lead.