3 Apr 2014 13:58, 2 weeks, 1 day ago

All good things must come to an end. last update from VM team 2014

Written by Jess and Tilly 
From this blog you know that we survived the dreaded jungle bus, only to have to wait around 2 days for a bus that never showed up. Eventually after a 32 hour ride from hell where we unfortunately encountered a landslide, we were finally on



28 Mar 2014 12:20, 3 weeks ago

Quest Overseas Expedition Team Update

This past week, the 11 of us departed into the wilderness for our second trek. This time we were accompanied by 3 mules, their leader, Don Luis, and OUR beloved leader, Pedro. We trekked up and down mountainsides, passing waterfalls, many llamas, and lakes. One time we even needed to take off our hiking boots to cross a freezing cold river. We ended each day's 6-hour hike in a different stunning campsite, leaving us with the cold evenings to ourselves. By the second day, we had achieved an altitude higher than that of Mount Blanc, or anyGap Year Expedition


25 Mar 2014 12:26, 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Bolivia Gap 2014 Phase 1 - Learning Spanish and Salsa with French Men in Sucre, Bolivia

Our first week went by in a flash of Spanish learning, speaking and exploring. Having arrived on the Monday morning in La Paz, we met Matty, the rugged explorer, in a bright yellow Mr Happy t-shirt with whom we got our delayed (Bolivian style) flight to Sucre.

Snacks in Sucre

We settled easily into the hostel and despite not having slept since leaving home we put this off to explore Sucre and meet our teachers at the language school.  In the evening  the language school hosted  us for dinner before we finally gave in to...


7 Mar 2014 14:06, 1 month, 1 week ago

Expedition update number 2

Quest Overseas Gap year Peru

Tussled once more by our blaring alarms, nine travelers clutch their heads as they slowly but surely become accustomed to the altitude of Lake Titicaca; taking part in a few traditional meals consisting of...


2 Mar 2014 20:06, 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Expedition update number one from Villa Maria Team

Written exquisitely by Noah (and the arc), Hannah banana's flowery touch and of course with the soundtrack of the Frenchy's cackle.

4am. The sirens of our alarms penetrated the ears of ten gringos. Exhaustion rippled through the darkness of Miraflores, Lima as the impending sweet prospect of our adventure lay in wait.