22 Jul 2014 11:08, 1 day, 17 hours ago

Landing in 'the land of the ceviche' The Villa Maria Project Kicks off


Getting very excited about hoopla

We have finally settled in the land of the ceviche! Everything is going well and no major mishaps so far.

There are nine of us in the group including our leader, Emily; Please allow me to introduce James, Nikita, Becca, Eleanor, Hannah, Alex, Holly and Isabella. Here is what we have done so far:

Day 1: 


21 Jul 2014 11:39, 2 days, 17 hours ago

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle!  This blog will briefly summarize our trip from our respective countries of origin to Bolivia and our 4 days at the first animal sanctuary of Jacq Cuisi.


As some of us took slightly different routes I can only comment on my own, which was Heathrow - Madrid - Lima - La Paz.  It all kicked off to a promising start at the (very much shut) Cafe Nero in Heathrow T5.  After meeting with the rest of the group traveling on that day we checked in without incident and carried on through the airport.  However, an hour delay soon made us stressful we would miss our connecting flight in Madrid.  Not to worry though, as it happens that flight was also delayed by a mere 16 hours, resulting in a hotel for the night while they "fixed" the plane


2 Jul 2014 09:51, 3 weeks ago

Bolivia Quest Chicas 2014/Matty´s Angels

The steep valley of Salkantay

One lonely Quest leader, Matty, reporting in having just bid farewell to the amazing Bolivia GAP team 2014. However, it is not a time of sadness but celebration- congratulations girls! You stormed through the Salkantay trek to the jaw-dropping magnificance of Machu Picchu.


19 Jun 2014 15:40, 1 month ago

The hardest trek yet... and Zandie's birthday

The last week has faced us with challenges but also rewarded us with once in a life time experiences. After our couple of days at sea level in Lima our bodies had to reacclimatise to high altitude. Our single day acclimatisation trek led us to a "very blue" (in Sophia's words) Laguna 69. The altitude hit some of us harder than expected and we were truly shattered by the end of the day. Luckily our 4am start the next day was delayed as Jimmy fell ill and we we were allowed a much appreciated day relaxing on the terrace of our hotel, kick starting our digestive systems into action with an exotic fruit salad, and bathing in the suspiciously brown thermal baths. Unluckily Jimmy's illness was more serious than altitude sickness and our trek was temporarily called off. Thankfully Pete came to the rescue andthe following day we were en route deep into Huayhuash.



10 Jun 2014 15:50, 1 month, 1 week ago

The Jury's out on Ceviche - The Expedition Continues

After our relaxed day having finished our Colca Canyon trek, we returned to Arequipa on the 6.30am bus, I.e. 7.45am ( Peru doesn't have a talent for time keeping). Arequipa greeted us with ice creams, wifi, a warm shower and a nice meal, a welcome change from our ambitious but none the less questionable trek grub! A trip to the monastery in the city the next day was an eye opener. They call it a city within a city because it is totally secluded from the buzz of Arequipa outside its doors.