post-title Boliva Summer Update 2018

Boliva Summer Update 2018

Boliva Summer Update 2018
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Two weeks of solid construction work in Park Jacj Cuisi was wrapped up with a well-deserved pampas jungle safari – good food and lazing on the river while spotting plentiful wildlife on the shores. Then it was time to move onto the next chapter of our Bolivia team’s adventure, three weeks caring for rescued wild animals in the Ambue Ari sanctuary, just a mere 14-hour drive away. Sanctuary rules state volunteers cannot take photos while working with their animals for their first two weeks, while they get comfortable with their responsibilities, so no pics on the job for the moment.

(For more information about how you could find yourself volunteering in the Bolivian Amazon, follow this link– accepting spaces for out 2019 summer team).

Suffice to say however each of them has taken to their new roles as animal carers extremely well and are being a huge help to the team – well done guys! Ambue Ari has several different types of mammal and bird in its care, but one of the largest populations is their rescued felines, requiring daily care, attention and exercise. Cat is splitting her time between walking Carlos the puma and Lazy the ocelot, whilst Alice is being kept on her toes with Biton the howler monkey and Vanesso, another ocelot. Alex has the privileged job of looking after the puma sisters, whilst all are also chipping in with the daily tasks of keeping the camp running.

A tough day last week took them all away from their animal duties, when a nearby farm decided to slash and burn their land, and some of the fire made its way into the neighbouring forest – all hands-on deck to clear the sanctuary’s fire trails. Thankfully the fire did not reach the park’s borders, but the trails have at least now been cleared in case of any future threats.

Just 10 days remain before they return to civilisation and head home, or onto their next adventure, the past month has flown by and we’ll be sad to see them leave.