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Ever moaned about the weather in the UK?  Of course you have, it’s a
national obsession, especially when it’s thrown such heaps of snow and buckets
of rain at us as it has over recent months.  But next time you feel like
having a whinge about how rubbish stuff is here, maybe just have a check out of
this site – If It Were My Home.

This is a really interesting site, where, with just a few basic statistics
about each country you can get a snapshot of life.  It’s also got a neat
mapping tool, which shows you the scale of disasters such as the recent BP oil
spill compared to Britain’s size. 

An example:

If Malawi were your home instead of The United Kingdom you would…

be 59.5 times more likely to have

have 17.5 times higher chance of
dying in infancy

have 3.9 times more babies

die 28.24 years sooner

make 97.44% less money

experience 14.71% more of a class

      but also…

use 98.2% less electricity

consume 98.14% less oil

spend 97.8% less money on health

Want to find out more about life in Malawi?  Why not volunteer in a rural village and
experience it for yourself!