5 weeks taking part in a life changing project for communities in Kigali, working with local youth groups helping to improve livelihoods for young boys in great need. Option to trek with the gorillas after the project.

Why Rwanda?

In 1994 an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered in the space of a hundred days. What befell the country over 16 years ago now seems inconceivable and though weapons and people have been laid to rest, the impact of the Genocide is sadly still evident. By volunteering with Quest you will be directly involved in the building of a new home and shelter for children that have been affected by the genocide and are living on the streets.

Your role

Rwanda lost approximately a tenth of its population in the Genocide, resulting in many children being orphaned. A large number of children have also been born in prison or abandoned as unwanted offspring of a rape; they have been left to fend for themselves and have no one. In 2003, an ex-street child named Evode Usabyamahoro started an initiative to help boys living on the street. Through local donations he was able to rent a small house in Kigali. 4 small rooms with inadequate toilet facilities and crowded and basic living conditions are better than no home at all but the boys deserve more. You can help Quest to build a much-needed new home.


This is a challenging project both mentally and physically, so we will be taking a few weekends away. As well as enjoying the hustle and bustle of Kigali, seeing the sights and experiencing the culture, we will take the opportunity to visit the shores of Lake Kivu on the border with the Congo or perhaps spending a night in the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Gorilla Trek

One of the highlights of Rwanda’s natural beauties however will be left until the end. For those with the time, we will head up to the Volcanoes National Park to trek with the magnificent silverback gorillas.

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Time Location Activities
Weeks 1-5 Kigali Working with the Ubaka local project partners, helping to improve the conditions for the boys they work with. Weekends exploring the local area.
Week 6 Volcanoes National Park Trekking to see the gorillas.
Dates and Costs


Team Name Start date End Date Quest Overseas Payment Quest4Change Contribution
Rwanda Summer 2019 4th July 2019 8th August 2019 £1,350 £750
Rwanda Summer 2019 (inc. gorilla trekking) 4th July 2019 11th August 2019 £2,050 £750


The dates below are the dates each expedition begins and ends in country. Do bear in mind you may need to begin your travels from home the day before the start date (and may arrive home the day after the end). We will give support and advice on recommended flights once your place is confirmed on the team.

What’s included

All food and accommodation
Activities throughout (and any specific technical equipment needed)
Transport in a combination of public and private transport

Project Contribution

You will see that there are two payments to make, one to Quest Overseas and one to our charity, Quest4Change. The payment to Quest Overseas covers all your costs on the ground – meals, accommodation, activities etc. The project contribution is kept separate to your trip payment because every penny of this goes directly to supporting the project you will be working on. This not only ensures we have the materials needed to get the work done, but also makes sure that the project can continue after the team moves on. For more information on this, please check our Costs Explained page.

Not included

International flights
Personal travel insurance
Personal equipment
Personal expenses (nights out, souvenirs, internet, laundry etc.)

Early Application Discount

For all places confirmed on a team 12 months before departure, we will give a 15% discount on your payment to Quest Overseas. Places confirmed 6 months before departure receive a 10% discount. Contact the office for more details.

Who is this trip for?

Team members who join our gap year teams are typically recent school leavers on a break before university, or taking a break during their higher education. We do accept applications from all ages, however the typical age is between 17-23. Volunteers are from all over the world but are predominantly from the UK or USA.

You don't need any specific construction skills to take part in this project, our local project staff will arm you with the skills needed. The better physical shape you are in before getting out to the project however, the more you are likely to be able to contribute.