post-title Where would you rather have breakfast? Vote!

Where would you rather have breakfast? Vote!

Where would you rather have breakfast? Vote!
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Breakfast Overseas- From Urban Rwanda to the Bolivian Jungle- where would you rather have breakfast?

A huge part of travelling is diving head-first into a different culture. The change in diet can be a big culture shock. However all our projects make a huge effort to ensure that they show-off their country’s culinary wonders. It seems that everyone around the world agrees that breakfast is extremely important to get the best start to the day…

We asked our projects in Rwanda and Bolivia to show us what they have for breakfast and we want to know which one you would rather have.

  • Bolivian Jungle

Breakfast in the Bolivian Amazon

Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi is an wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisation with 3 animal sanctuaries throughout Bolivia. Quest Overseas and CIWY have been partners for well over 15 years and their partnership have seen a number of very large enclosures built thanks to the donations from Quest volunteers and the hard jungle construction hours given to this fantastic cause.

Bolivia is a vibrant country with a big indigenous influence throughout their history, current politics and culture. As such, different food (as in, not to be found on the Westerner’s menu) frequently make an appearance.

Here CIWY president Nena Baltazar treats those in the smallest animal sanctuary, Jacq Cuisi, to breakfast (she is a great cook!). Here we can see freshly made flat bread, fresh jungle fruits, local hot chocolate and a freshly picked and squeezed lemonade.

Speaking of chocolate- check out CIWY’s newest way to gain funds to help expand current enclosures and increase their presence campaigning for animal and environmental rights 


  • Urban Rwanda- from the hills of Kigali.

Breakfast from Kigali, Rwanda.

Rwanda instantly conjures a few images in your mind. Sadly the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, the mass murder of an estimated 800,000 Tutsi Rwandans in 100 days, still has a significant impact upon society. Our project partners Ubaku U Rwanda are dedicated to giving boys left to the streets of Kigali as a result of this social upheaval the chance to gain skills to thrive in a rapidly developing Rwanda.

Here a Summer 2017 Quest volunteer has been laid quite the spread in the home of our local project director: porridge, bread and apricot jam, fresh pineapple, passion fruit and other local fruits as well as some delicious Rwandan Coffee.

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To find out more about the projects that Quest Overseas supports, please visit Quest4Change’s website (our registered charity). We are committed to long-term development and are proud to have shown different cultures to thousands of Quest Overseas volunteers since 1996.

Click here for more information about our Bolivia wildlife project or here for more info about our Rwanda Project.