post-title Villa Maria Gap Team descends on Quito!

Villa Maria Gap Team descends on Quito!

Villa Maria Gap Team descends on Quito!

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Our very first team update of the year, written by the talented Mr Noah Shasha.

Quest Team Ecuador

With nationalities spanning the globe, nine adults converge upon the bustling metropolis that is Quito; four Redcoats, two Yanks, one Spaniard, a Canadian, and a Frenchwoman take their first step on what is sure to be an extraordinary adventure.

Despite the lulling fog that shrouds Ecuador’s majestic landscape and the semi-regular downpours, we continue forging onwards. With all nine weary travelers coming to call the Tutamunda Hostel “home”. Making use of their extensive español lessons as they galavant into a rich cultural experience: whether they be swaying their hips to the entrancing rhythmics of Salsa in La Mariscal, braving Quito’s crowded public transportation system in search of the city’s rich Historic center, or bonding with the locals in karaoke bars.

However, there is more to Ecuador than Quito. Venturing out on our very first weekend to Otavalo’s indigenous market to partake in a myriad of cultural and epicurean splendors. This is just the beginning though, for we also dove head first into gelid waters of Las Cascadas de Peguche, and trekked around the volcanic crater which holds Lago Cuicocha to picturesque panoramas. All coped well with the altitude reaching a maximum height of 3400m, left a few out of breath in parts but we all made it in record time!! With the first week coming to wraps, we are sure that more adventures are soon to come in the country that has slowly captured our hearts.

Cuicocha Crater

Stay tuned for more updates to come soon.

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