post-title Volunteer Spotlight- where are they now? Bolivia Gap 2014

Volunteer Spotlight- where are they now? Bolivia Gap 2014

Volunteer Spotlight- where are they now? Bolivia Gap 2014
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‘Quest helped me to become a global citizen and taught me the importance of learning about new cultures and the world. I am still very close friends with the other four girls who I travelled with during quest. And even though we live and study in different countries we still manage to see each other almost every year.  HIA from Sophia on the Bolivian Slat Flats 

Now, I am in my final year at Harvard University studying social anthropology, global health and health policy. 
This past summer I interned with the Global fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB), and Malaria, an organization which raises and invests in health programs in communities in need around the world. As an Intern, I supported the Monitoring and Evaluation Country Analysis team within the Strategy, Investment and Impact Division. I researched factors associated with HIV, TB, and malaria epidemic resurgence in order to provide critical insight for future health policies and disease prevention. I was located in Geneva, Switzerland doing cross-research and data collection with the World Health Organization. In Switzerland I was able to hike in the Alps and see some of the most beautiful lakes and nature sceneries!
I am currently working on my senior year thesis on the opioid epidemic in West Virginia (my home state) asking the question: How can we expand a biomedical framework in order to improve understanding of the causes of an opioid epidemic and the experiences of suffering of opioid users and their communities?


This fall I hope to go apple picking before winter hits in Boston!’
Sophia, Bolivia Gap 2014
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