post-title Al and Jax Honeymoon

Al and Jax Honeymoon

Al and Jax Honeymoon

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The Honeymoon!

This is the first time we have used the internet, and the keys have no letters on it so excuse any spelling mistakes!! Well what can I say other than we absolutely do not want to come home!!!

So first of all, the flight here FIRST CLASS with the totally reclining, flat bed, lying down seats. It definitely is the only way to travel!!!! Al better get back and sell some ships as I will now no longer travel any other way. The only objection I do have about it was when the host said to me …”what can I get you sir??” UNBELIEVABLE!!!

San Pedro (a real cowboy town in Chile) was lovely, the hotel Atiplanico was an absolute pleasure and it was a great way to start the honeymoon off. Really good food and lovely people, we thought it was cold there – we were wrong!!! We moved on to Bolivia – good god, possibly the most beautiful place in the world, we have loads of photos to show you all when we get back – we forgot the lead sorry!!!


We have stayed in all manner of places, the most memorable was by the red lake (laguna Colorado), hilarious night with me drinking red wine – I don’t ever do that! The coldest night of our lives but also one of the best – I would recommend it to everyone it really is something special!!! On to the salt pans, not much to say other than breathtaking, the pictures and the massive smiles on our faces said it all, we also were allowed to travel on the top of the 4×4 by our fab guide Oswaldo, he had a great few stories of women and the mines and his favorite line to everything was “it is good”  

We are now in La Paz! we have conquered the Death Road and we have the video to show for it, so scary but Al was in his element he absolutely loved it!! Stayed in the cloud forest with the most beautiful view of the mountains, we didn’t want to leave!!!

Off to Cusco tomorrow to get ready for Macchu Picchu WE CANT WAIT!! Off to get a curry and a few beers now at Oliver’s travel, maybe a few games of cards as well!! This is the life!!!!

Fingers crossed we make the plane home – cant guarantee it though

Many thanks to all of you for this we are having the best time of our lives.

All our love Jax and Al xxx