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Costs Explained

A very important question, are you funding the Quest Overseas yacht or stately home you may want to know?!! We can assure you that you’re not, everyone who works at and for Quest Overseas is doing so because of a genuine passion for our projects and for travel in general, and we are dedicated to ensuring your experience of both is the best it could possibly be. This does have its cost though and we’d rather be upfront with you from the start rather than charge less and then surprise you with more costs along the way.

To help maintain transparency in this sense, we split your payment into different sections, so you really can see where your money is going:

Payment to Quest Overseas

This covers the cost of all your activities and transport on the ground.  Apart from beers and souvenirs (and meals in cities on certain trips), you shouldn’t have to spend any more money whilst away with us. This also covers the cost of the support we provide – staff, 24 hour support, project and expedition research, medical back up etc.  We can divide this payment even more as follows

60% – in country expenses, this is what gets spent overseas during your trip
25% – staff, both in the office and overseas
15% – office costs, project and expedition research, admin

If you would like further clarification on any of this, please contact us and we will be happy to expand on this.

Project Donation (for teams taking part in a project)

This is paid either to our charity Quest4Change or directly to our project partners.  We keep this separate from your payment to Quest Overseas to make sure every penny of your donation goes to the project.  No admin costs, it all goes directly overseas.  Again, we can give more detail on this to anyone who is interested.


We don’t deal with flights ourselves, we leave that to flight agents. This is good for two reasons. Firstly, flight agents will get much better deals than us because that is all they do. Secondly, this will give you the flexibility to choose the flight which suits you best, depending on your plans before and after Quest. We will give advice on recommended flights and airlines but you are free to make your own plans.

Other costs

You should also remember to take into account the cost of the following when working out your budget:

  • Personal kit (we provide any team kit – tents etc.)
  • Personal spending money – beers and souvenirs
  • Jabs and other medication required (anti-malarials etc.)

We can also give advice and guidance on all of these.

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