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Interested in becoming a Quest Overseas Leader?

Ice Climbing

The above is just one of a hundreds of different scenarios you could find yourself in when in charge of a Quest team in Africa or South America, so we’re looking for only the best. Our staff are selected not only for their all-round personality, skills and abilities, but for our judgement as to how they will react and cope on the ground if things go wrong. If you don’t believe you’re the right sort of person to lead a team of young and impressionable individuals through new experiences which might well change their outlook on life, if you don’t think you can hack it when accidents happen and / or when things don’t go according to plan, and if you can’t survive, from time to time, on an average of 3 hours sleep per night, then need to re-consider whether the job of a leader is one for you.

Of course, the good news is that leading a Quest Overseas Team is as much an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for yourself as it is for our students. Indeed, many of our staff find a way of joining us again year after year. Moreover, we nurture and develop Assistant Leaders to become Expedition Leaders, we treat our staff with respect and we provide you with all the support you should expect from a good organisation. It’s a very rewarding job and a lot of fun and it may even change your outlook on life forever as well.

If you want to find out more about the sort of people we are looking for, have a read of our Leader Selection Info Pack which you can download below. If you feel you are the right sort of person, and would like to apply, then please complete the application form below and email it to us together with a current CV and a brief covering letter explaining why we should consider you, to

We are currently recruiting for our summer 2015 teams and have our next selection course in April 2015 (dates to be confirmed).

Click here to download our Leader Application Pack 2015
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Any questions about our selection process or our leader roles please get in touch.