post-title Andean Expedition Team – Gastro Update

Andean Expedition Team – Gastro Update

Andean Expedition Team – Gastro Update
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Our Andean Expedition team have been out on the road for over three weeks now, however they’ve been having so much fun we’ve only just managed to get them to send us an update! Thanks to Clare Hirons for this gem – more to come!

Considering food relates to 40% of our conversations out here in South America and results in our constant delicate bowel movements, which is another 40% of our conversations, I thought it only best to mention our food highlights.


Being in South America, one of the biggest growers in potatoes, we seem to be eating a fair amount of potatoes with pretty much all our meals. We’ve tried all sorts from really good purple sweet potatoes which we had on the salt flats tour out the back of the car to strange bullet like black ones which apparently are semi mouldy ones but edible. Also had sausage like ones which were sweet and yummy.

Dehydrated ones which look strange pre boiled and are as light as a feather but makes a good soup. Whilst in the Colca Valley we saw where they were grown set into the base of the mountains in tiers, different varieties growing at different altitudes.


Another part of the local food out here in the both Peru and Bolivia is the chifas. These look pretty dodgy from the outside, they kind of place you’d avoid in the UK unless it’s 2am. But looks are deceptive and some of the food is really nice especially the fried beef, veg and wedges all mixed in a stewy gravy mix served with the usual rice and potato.

In Bolivia we seem to be eating a lot more fish considering we are near lake Titicaca. Trucha (trout) seems to be the most popular normally pan fried with head, bones, fins and all, again with rice and potatoes. It’s really good and tastes so fresh. While on the subject of fish, Sam and George would not stop talking about a fish curry which they had in Rurrenabaque made at a little Aussie joint after a hard days work in the jungle with a well deserved beer. It was cooked in a banana leaf and did look good and must of been as a week later they still mention it at least 5 times a day.


Another highlight was a little pub in Cabanconde after the 4 day trek in the Colca Canyon. We had llama in the evening with rice, it was quite chewy and were glad we had it but probably wouldn’t chose it again. In the same place we had the best breakfast of smashed avocado, tomato, Andean cheese (which is pretty much flavoured rubber) on fresh rolls with yoghurt and fresh orange juice was so yummy and would have eaten so much more if my stomach could handle it.

As we go on I’m sure we’ll try more and more like guinea pig in Peru and more fresh fish from the lake. At the moment however we are currently enjoying a very English chicken salad sandwich to make a welcome break from potatoes and rice and to give our bowels a bit of home comfort.