post-title Bem-Vinda Vanessa!

Bem-Vinda Vanessa!

Bem-Vinda Vanessa!

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Hello everyone. I’m Vanessa, the new member of the Quest team. I’m currently doing an internship in the Hove office and will be here for the next three months.

Because I’m Portuguese, communicating in English is not that easy but I’ll do my best. My hometown is Lagos, a city that I recommend to everyone really, but I’ve lived in too many places before I ended up there – just so you have an idea, I’ve been in 5 different schools and 6 different cities before going to the university. I did my degree in Communication Sciences in the University of Algarve in Faro. I went for that specific course to be a Journalist but along the way I’ve changed my mind and decided to be Event Planners instead. Because I also like Marketing and Administration, when I had the opportunity to move to Brighton and do the internship in this office I took it right away.

For the next three months I’ll be helping out with the marketing around here, doing some market research, making flyers and posters for the schools and a promotional video as well. I will also help out at the Gap Year Fair and assist at one of the training weeks, which I’m really hoping for.

Yesterday was my first day here at the office and already I’ve completed one of the assignments, which was making two posters of my home town, one with just a big powerful picture and the other with some text and facts about the city. Keeping in mind it was my first time using Photoshop I think I did quite great, how about you?



I’m looking forward for this three months, I hope they get by very slowly!

Vanessa de Burgo.