post-title Bill Gates – malaria vaccine

Bill Gates – malaria vaccine

Bill Gates – malaria vaccine

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Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft says that a vaccine for malaria could be just three years away.  The disease is the biggest single killer the world has ever seen and over 1 million people die from the disease each year.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent billions of dollars to come up with an answer to malaria and Mr. Gates told the BBC today that a vaccine was in its last trial phase and could be available in 3 years.  He also added that a fully effective vaccine is 5 – 10 years away.

burst red blood cells

In Africa children are most at risk from the disease.  Just £5 will pay for a mosquito net that could save a child’s life.  You can donate to Quest4Change and 100% will go to our project partners Joshua Orphan Care to provide mosquito nets for children.  Contact Heather to find out how.

Anopheles mosquitoes are the only mosquito which transmits malaria.  Only the female mosquitoes bite, the males choose to feed on the nectar of flowers.

Understanding the Malaria life cycle:

Stage 1: Infected mosquito bites human.

Stage 2, after 30 minutes:  Parasite finds liver.

Stage 3, 4 weeks to 2 years:  Parasite can start to reproduce rapidly or can remain dormant for many years.

Stage 4:  Parasite then enters blood stream entering the red blood cells, further reproduction takes place.

Stage 5:  Infected red blood cells burst and infect other cells.

Stage 6:  This repeating cycle depletes the body of oxygen causing a fever.

Stage 7:  A dormant version of the parasite travels through the blood waiting to be ingested by a new host.

Anyone travelling to a recognized malaria zone must take precautions.

•    Malaria prophylaxis
•    Cover up in the evening
•    Use insect repellent
•    Sleep under a mosquito net

See your doctor or local travel clinic for further advice before you travel.