post-title Bolivia Gap Team 1 – Jungle Shenanigans

Bolivia Gap Team 1 – Jungle Shenanigans

Bolivia Gap Team 1 – Jungle Shenanigans

Quest News

Here’s the blog to go with the photos….courtesy of Ciara, Gen and Max – Enjoy!

We spent two weeks at Parque Ambue Ari, a welcome change of pace from laborious construction work at Jacj Cuisi.

After waking up to the sound of howler monkeys, we were all assigned
our animals. These varied from monkeys to jaguars to pumas to ocelots.
consisted of daily chores, working with one of our animals until 12.30
when we had lunch and then worked from 2-5.30 with our other animal.
Although everyone´s experience was different, we all enjoyed working
with such beautiful animals and being out of the city and in the
jungle. It was amazing the bond we made with our animals in just two

It wasnt all work however! Every Friday, we went to the local town
of Santa Maria for a night of shenanigans. The second Friday was extra
special as it was the beginning of Carnavale. There was also an auction
to raise money for Ru the jaguar´s new enclosure. Clad in self made
neon waistcoats and masks with protruding noses, we had a fantastic
night, bidding on a number of things. Highest spender was James, who
paid a ridiculous amount (outbidding Matt!) for a walk with Rupi – the
biggest jaguar in the park.

Ciara, Max and Gen put themselves forward for the infamous park
compost wrestle. It was quite an experience and the smell of months of
rotting food as well as maggots lingered for quite some time! All for a
good cause!

We bid an emotional farewell to our animals – Ciara got a tattoo of Lazy Cat. They had a lot in common.

We then began the 24 hour journey back to La Paz, which miraculously went without any problems.