post-title Bolivia Quest Chicas 2014/Matty´s Angels

Bolivia Quest Chicas 2014/Matty´s Angels

Bolivia Quest Chicas 2014/Matty´s Angels

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The steep valley of Salkantay

One lonely Quest leader, Matty, reporting in having just bid farewell to the amazing Bolivia GAP team 2014. However, it is not a time of sadness but celebration- congratulations girls! You stormed through the Salkantay trek to the jaw-dropping magnificance of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu on the horizon

This trek, the final of a 6-week long expedition, allows some time for reflecting back on the 3 months spent together. Not a thought is spared towards the miners’ blockades in Potosi, road closures en route to La Paz or any of the other numerous transport delays. Instead, I only think of our accomplishments: you all endured and actually thrived under the gruelling 9-10 hour day I set during the construction phase at Parque Machia where we ensured Balu the Bear will move into his new home, every single one of you endured through the labours associated with high altitude trekking and, most importantly, everybody adopted to South American life with ease. It therefore leaves me with nothing more to say than, Sophia, Jo, Izzy, Rosa and Zandie pants: muchas gracias, feliz viaje y hasta luego amigas 🙂 Matty

Matty's Angels Rest on-Route