post-title Bolivia Team 2 Trekking & Surfing Northern Peru

Bolivia Team 2 Trekking & Surfing Northern Peru

Bolivia Team 2 Trekking & Surfing Northern Peru

Quest News

Bolivia Team 2 have been out in the mountains for a while, trekking in the Huayhuash near Huaraz, Peru…’s the update from Walker! Photos to follow (we hope…).

Early in the morning, we set off for the Huayhuash. When we arrived in the Huayhuash, we were greeted by a pack of donkeys, a horse, and our second guide Cristobol. As soon as everythiing was together, we set off on the first leg of the trek, climbing up a steep ridge. We arrived around lunchtime, and spent an afternoon relaxing and fending off Sword-faces. After a stir-fry dinner, we hit the tents, but had a restless night (owing to the sloped campsites). We woke up with a delicious yogurt and granola breakfast, although sadly Robbie didn´t take it down as well as the rest of us.

The trail was beautiful as we began to wind our way towards our next lakeside campsite. When we arrived, some of us went for an icy dip in the glacial lake, while others caught trout and napped in preparation for a curry feast that would leave all of us sweating and gassy. Despite illness in the group, a number of us did a day trek the following day up to a glacier, picknicking in the sunshine. We returned to camp to be greeted with a basket of fresh trout (caught by Cristobol and George), and subsequently stuffed our faces with Carbonara and mulled wine. Our final day consisted of a challenging uphill, and then a refreshingly mellow downhill cruise.

After returning to Huaraz, we spent the following day bridge swinging and eating delicious pizza with Pablo and his family. Then it was off to the beach in Huanchacho for three days of relaxation, surfing, and large portions of ice cream and calamari. It was the perfect way to unwind, with some great beach sunsets and humorous surf calamaties.