post-title Bolivia Team 2 Update – Sucre week one

Bolivia Team 2 Update – Sucre week one

Bolivia Team 2 Update – Sucre week one

Quest News

Week 1

The team discover why happy hour is happy… many times…

After a gruelling flight everyone arrived in one piece…and those who weren´t so fortunate were quickly fixed by a few blasts of oxygen from the airport clinic (La Paz is 4000m high, it can take your breath away…).

Sucre is beautiful. We arrived with promises of constant sunshine, however, we are yet to see the sun here. The hills are overflowing with terracotta colonial buildings. Every single house is beautiful and the hostal and school are no exceptions.

We would tell you about the food but you don´t want to know how it looks at the other end. Needles to say, “stomach training” is a significant part of this first week.

Our Days have been spattered with activities. From Georgie dominating on the Wallyball court, to observing the skilled workman in the hat factory. Did you know that hats come from sheep? No? You´ll just have to take our word for it then. The workers in the factories make 150 hats in 8 hours under terrible conditions making 180 pounds a month. This excursion was a massive eye opener.

The whole team has developed two new loves. The love for two for one drinks at happy hour and the love for delicious fruit juices whipped up in the market.

We are off to the hacienda this weekend and are all very excited for a rest from school. Our bags are packed. Our alcohol is bought, and morale is high!

Hasta Luego
Lady Croft and Big G