post-title Check out BBCs Earthflight featuring Manu

Check out BBCs Earthflight featuring Manu

Check out BBCs Earthflight featuring Manu

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A little behind the times with this perhaps, but if like me you missed most of the BBCs very cool Earthflight programme, which follows a number of different bird species from the air on their journeys across the planet (literally a ‘bird’s eye view!) then definitely check it out! The footage is incredible.

Episode 4 in particular has caught my attention – South America  – which takes you from the heights of the Andes to the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. Those of you lucky enough to be part of the Manu Amazon Conservation Summer Project (or if you are thinking about applying to be part of this team) should take a look at the clip of the Scarlet Macaws feeding on a clay lick next to the Manu River. This is the same area of rainforest as the project site and gives you a great introduction to the environment in which you will be living and the wildlife you will be sharing it with!

Alongside the construction of a new Technical College for local communities, the summer Manu Project team will be undertaking scientific species surveys in the local area, including the possibility of monitoring the behaviour of Blue-headed macaws at a similar clay lick……which is why this clip is so exciting!

To find out more about the Manu Summer Team departing on 10th July 2012 click here!