post-title Congratulations Bursary Applicants

Congratulations Bursary Applicants

Congratulations Bursary Applicants

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This year, to celebrate Quest4Change’s five years in operation as a charity, we offered everyone the chance to apply for a bursary, worth £1000 towards the costs of a summer project with Quest Overseas.  We had an amazing response and many applications, which made it very difficult indeed when it came to whittling it down to just three shortlisters.  We were looking for people who could demonstrate a crazy amount of passion and love for their chosen project, for people who had given a great deal of thought to the impact of such an experience, not only for themselves, but for the communities they would be working with.  We also wanted to find people who would go on having a positive impact long after the summer, by spreading the word about their experience, and also by broadening their own involvement in community development at home.  

As it turned out, the applications were so strong that we had to take four applications into round two for a second interview.  To our four finalists, Quest would like to say a massive well done for getting that far.  Your passion and comittment shone through and we only wish we could have offered more than one bursary!  To all our other applicants, high fives all round and well done!  We are very pleasded that many of you are still joining us in the summer, and we know that you will each be a great positivie influence on the projects and an asset to your teams.    


The recipient of the 2013 summer project bursary will be introducing himself to the world very soon, so please watch this space.  And if you or someone you know may be interested in joining us this summer, please drop us a line, or visit our website for more details…  Summer is