post-title Danilo gets thin for Villa Maria!

Danilo gets thin for Villa Maria!

Danilo gets thin for Villa Maria!

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Danilo on the Santa Chair

For all of you who have taken part in our Villa Maria project in Peru, you will remember the ever present Danilo, and you will also remember that he was big! Nothing has changed we’re afraid, he’s still there, and even bigger than ever. Until this summer that is, Danilo has pledged to become thin by the end of this (Peruvian) summer.

Why, you may ask, he’s such a fan of food and of sitting around doing nothing! Well the Quest school is growing fast and the classrooms in the building are no longer big enough to accommodate the ever increasing numbers they are accepting. The property next door has become available though and the team in Peru are keen to be able to snap it up as soon as possible, so they can keep doing the wonderful work they have been for over 10 years now.


So here’s the deal. Danilo currently weighs an unhealthy 140kgs (that’s around 22 stone!!!), he is aiming to drop down to a much more acceptable 100kgs by the end of March 2010 (about 15 stone). You can sponsor him for every kilo he drops, or pledge a certain amount only if he reaches the sacred 100. For everyone who knows him, you will be fully aware that this is quite a sacrifice for the young man, please dig deep and help to make his mammoth effort worthwhile for the project.

Click here to sponsor him.

Healthy meal

This was the first meal made for him by his workmate Lucho, watch this space for a video of his training regime…,!