post-title Expedition update number 2

Expedition update number 2

Expedition update number 2

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Tussled once more by our blaring alarms, nine travelers clutch their heads as they slowly but surely become accustomed to the altitude of Lake Titicaca; taking part in a few traditional meals consisting of abundant trout, trying on the cholits’ local garb, and gliding across it’s placid surface via kayak to the isle of Tequila. 

Kayaking Lake Titicaca Gap year

There, we discover culture at its finest with the carnival celebrations in full blossom. My oh my, such a spectacle to see a herd of local borrachos wandering the streets in a euphoric stupor. 

With our mini pilgrimage to the island’s peak, we finally encounter a group of obnoxious, yet highly entertaining Americanos. A torrid love affair, we expect to never set our eyes upon their ginger scalps ever again after this 

brief engagement. Little do we know, that at an hour of intense darkness, as our eyes lock across the flickering wisps of the glowing camp fire, these wonderful creatures descend upon our secluded, tribal festivities once more. 

Kayaking Lake Titicaca

Shocked, yet intrigued we watch these beasts attempt to integrate themselves as we continue to dance the night away, caressed by the fire’s warmth. We are hospitable towards this estranged, mysterious kind as they regale us with sips of Cuba Libre and false promises of a shared boat ride to the main land. A short, sweet and beautiful stay comes to a close the next morning as all gringos embark on the  journey to an unknown land, Bolivia. 

Gap year Uros Islands

Next thrilling stop on the agenda: crossing the border. A few of our own are swept away (Americans) only to face an onslaught of questions. The rest await, beer in hand, with a cheesy grin that speaks for itself: Bolivia here we are!!!!! 

Native Titicaca dress Gap year Quest

Excitement courses through our pulsating veins as we wonder what awaits us in this unconquered land.