post-title Gap year scholarships up to £4000 from the RGS

Gap year scholarships up to £4000 from the RGS

Gap year scholarships up to £4000 from the RGS

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Working in conservation in Bolivia

There are so many fantastic opportunities out there for gap year students nowadays, and although working every hour under the sun in Sainsburys or holding fundraising events at every opportunity certainly help you make the most of your year, it can be difficult to make your funds stretch to cover everything you would like to do.

Well fear not, there is another option! The Royal Geographical Society is offering gap year scholarships of up to £4000 to students planning on taking a year out between school and university, and doing something worthwhile with it. There is a vetting process of course, they are looking to support students interested in pursuing a geography related degree, and you need to show that, through challenging circumstances or lack of opportunity, you would not normally benefit from such an experience, but someone has to be chosen, don’t they!

So if you are dying to apply to join a Quest Overseas team but are a little daunted by the fundraising, there’s another option for you! Deadline for applications is 24th October 2010.

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