post-title Good Luck to Villa Maria Team’s Sam

Good Luck to Villa Maria Team’s Sam

Good Luck to Villa Maria Team’s Sam

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Sam O'Kane and his Dad

Everyone here in the Quest Overseas office is wishing Sam O’Kane and his Dad, Patrick O’Kane the best of luck with their fundraising efforts over the weekend. The fantastic duo are running the Haweswater Half Marathon in Cumbria on Sunday to raise money for our Villa Maria project. Sam is part of the Quest Overseas team heading to Villa Maria in the summer and every penny of the money he raises will go straight out to Peru.

Sam and his team will be using the money fundraised to construct new homes for some of the most needy families in the shanty town. Current dwellings are shacks, made from scraps of corrogated iron, wooden planks and plastic – they are unsafe, draughty and offer little protection from the winter cold. Sam and his team will be constrcuting simple wooden houses for these families, although basic the new homes provide a safe, warm and sanitary place for children to grow up.

Villa Maria old and new housing

Above: Some of the poor quality housing being replaced (left) and a Quest team constructing a new family home (right)

The team will also be taking part in Domingos Familiares – Sunday shows which bring together communities across Villa Maria and organising games and activities to give children a focus for their free time.

Interested in joining the Villa Maria Summer Team this July? Find out more here.

To support Sam and his Dad please visit their fundraising page –