post-title Great news from the Bolivia Project

Great news from the Bolivia Project

Great news from the Bolivia Project

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Nothing brightens up a Thursday morning like some genuinely inspiring news….and this is what we’ve heard today from our project in Bolivia. A small group of howler monkeys, Faustina, Octavia and Fausto, who have been rescued and cared for by the volunteers (including Quest teams) at Parque Ambue Ari, have been spending more and more of their time with wild monkeys in the park and have been successfully adopted into the wild family group.

The guys at Ambue Ari have said:

“Towards the end of September, our howler monkeys Faustina, Octavia and Fausto started playing with wild howlers during their days out of the Monkey House. An adult was also seen with the monkeys during the days. They started spending more time away from the volunteers and more time with these other monkeys, including at night.

For the past two weeks our monkeys have been living with the wild group, and they appear to have been successfully adopted.
The monkeys made a surprise visit to camp just recently, and appear to be healthy and in no need of food. They were still with the adult male, so were ignored by the volunteers and they continued happily on their way back to the jungle.

We are ecstatic that these monkeys are now living in the wild, where they belong. CIWY would like to thank all of the volunteers that have worked with these monkeys and who helped make this possible. We wish them all the best.”

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