post-title Hello from Malawi!

Hello from Malawi!

Hello from Malawi!
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Hello from Malawi!!

Almost into our last week of Malawi and we are all still having an amazing time! We have almost finished refurbishing the feeding centre and its kitchen and the boys have been keeping up their carpentry skills with refurbishing the desks for the primary school. The villagers are extremely friendly and always try their best with speaking English to us and trying to teach us Chichewa as well. Ida is cooking us some traditional African dishes such as nsima, veg and kidney beans and even being treated to mandasi which has been going down a treat.

Last Sunday we climbed Michiru Mountain, so an early start was in order to climb to the peak before the hot midday sun was out. The climb was tiring but the view at the top was completely worth it with a stunning bird’s eye view of Blantyre and other villages – we could even see Chilingani in the distance! This week has mainly consisted of painting and liming the feeding centre and in our spare time creating educational posters on important issues such as: HIV/AIDS, health and hygiene, Malaria and the benefits of staying in school.

The plan for next week is to spend the first few days decorating the interior of the feeding centre with things such as the alphabet and numbers and then rounding off the end of the week and our time in Malawi with a trip to Lake Malawi for a relaxed few days before flying back home.