post-title Irish Employers call for compulsory Gap Year

Irish Employers call for compulsory Gap Year

Irish Employers call for compulsory Gap Year

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Several Irish employers are calling for the introduction of a compulsory ‘gap year’.  It is felt that students are not ready for life after being ‘spoon fed’ information through school.  A ‘gap year’ will enable them to develop key life skills and the experiences of volunteering could make for an easier transition from School to University as they will have become more aware.

There are hundreds of options if you are thinking of or starting a ‘gap year’.  Check out Quest Overseas guide of what you can do right here.

With increased pressure for jobs after University think about how a constructive ‘gap year’ can help you get that edge.  Remember though that it isn’t all about you, if you volunteer abroad make sure you do it with an organisation that cares about the volunteer work they offer.

  1. What happens when you are not there on the project, is there sufficient support?
  2. Is there a local partner that they work with in country?
  3. Has the project been well researched?
  4. What will you be doing and how will it be of use?
  5. What is the financial contribution to the project?
  6. What selection do they have and what training do you get before you leave?
  7. What support is there while you are away?
  8. What can you give back when you return?
  9. Can you stay in contact with your project and carry on supporting it in the future?

For more help with selecting an organisation take a look at the Ethical Volunteering Guide.

Sign up to the Comhlamh Volunteer Charter and ask yourself why you are volunteering?

Why not pick up the phone or e-mail us to see if we can answer the questions above?  Quest Overseas prides itself on worthwhile projects.  We don’t send 1000’s of volunteers away to every corner of the planet.  Quest carefully selects both our projects and volunteers so that everyone that goes away with us to make sure they are going for the right reasons.  Our financial support to our projects is unparalleled in the ‘gap year’ sector and volunteers can stay in touch and support their projects long after they have gone away with our own charity Quest4Change.

Quest Overseas Gap Year in Tanzania building schools

Quest Overseas Gap Year in Peru shanty town