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Jambo from Tanzania

Jambo from Tanzania

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Thanks to Elspeth for this latest update…what an awesome continent!

Jambo from Tanzania!

So we’ve finally said our goodbyes to Malawi. During our last week in Malawi, Helen, Frankie and I (Elspeth) got our Padi Open Water diver certification whilst Darcy qualififed as an Advanced Diver. Learning to scuba dive was an utterly amazing experience and I think is a hobby we will all continue to pursue. Lake Malawi had the most beautiful marine life, which meant we were constantly surrounded by beautiful fish. After leaving Kande Beach, we headed north to Nkhata Bay, an equally beautiful cove off of Lake Malawi, where we went cliff diving and snorkelling (you can’t keep us out of the water!)

Now we have arrived safe and sound in Tanzania and we spent a blissful couple of days by the shore of Lake Tangankia. The view from the beach was utterly breathtaking, as we could see congo just across the lake, the view was like something off of a postcard! The owners of Lake Shore made us so welcome, like we were part of the family, so we had an amazing few days relaxing and improving our tans. Since then, we have travelled up Lake Tanganika by ferry to Kigoma, where we visited the David Livingstone memorial.

Tomorrow, we shall be headed to Gombe to spend a couple of days at the National Park, getting up close and personal with the chimpanzee colony Jane Goodall spent years studying ! We’re all beyond excited, an experience I’m sure we shan’t forget.