post-title Kenya 2011 Team Heading Out!

Kenya 2011 Team Heading Out!

Kenya 2011 Team Heading Out!

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Kenya karai

The first members of our Africa summer
teams have now landed in Kenya, ready to get stuck into their Water Relief
.  The team is going to be working
with two community self-help groups this year – Malaika and Nzwyy (“un-zwee”) to
build sand dams over five weeks.

What is a sand dam? A sand dam is a
reinforced concrete wall built across a dry riverbed, which when it rains,
forces some water underground, filtering it clean, protecting from mosquitoes
and snails, and preventing evaporation. A simple piece of engineering that will
alter the lives of the communities around it forever.

san dam diagram

The thirteen-strong Quest team will be
working hard alongside community volunteers to carry the stones, water, sand
and cement necessary for the dam, not to mention mixing the cement by hand and
getting involved in the bustling ‘karai’ lines, as in the picture above….

Follow how they’re getting on here!