post-title Latest from our Villa Maria team – thanks Isabelle

Latest from our Villa Maria team – thanks Isabelle

Latest from our Villa Maria team – thanks Isabelle

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As they start on their expedition, we have a brief update from Isabelle as they take a short stop for breath!

It’s hard to believe we only began the expedition a week ago. Already we’ve ventured from the coast to the desert and into the mountains, and had countless adventures along the way. While it was sad to leave all of our friends in Villa Maria, as we set off on our three week trek, the nine of us were ready to burst with excitement for what the next couple of weeks had in store.

Our first destination was Miraflores in Lima, from which we would head to Paracas and then catch a boat to Islas Ballestas. The boat ride was great fun, we got to see sea lions, penguins, Peruvian boobies and a whole host of other wildlife. After that we tried the Peruvian specialty ceviche, which is chopped up fish that is cooked in lime juice.

Next we headed to Huacachina, a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. We spent the afternoon whizzing over sand dunes in the sand buggy and gliding down them on the sand boards. Watching the sun set over the dunes was a definite highlight. An early morning and an insanely beautiful bus ride brought us to the mouth of the Colca Canyon, where we began our two day trek. The descent into the canyon was challenging, but the breathtaking landscape and occasional condor made it enjoyable. We stayed overnight at the bottom of the canyon. With its lush vegetation and gushing river, surrounded by staggeringly high canyon walls, it would have to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. The next day the sun looked like it was going to beat down on us, but for once the weather was on our side. The clouds soon came over and we made it to the top of the canyon in good time.

Needless to say it was a truly incredible week.