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Latin Frenzy Fun

Latin Frenzy Fun

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The Quest Overseas and Quest4Change crew headed up to London on Tuesday night to support La Vida, a fantastic charity which aims to help further the development of Latin American economies
through funding specific projects in health and education.

The event was a huge success with over £7,500 raised for the charity.  We all had a great time with Mojitos, an incredible display from the London School of Samba and a wicked Cuban band – it’s nice to know that fundraising doesn’t always have to involve marathons, training or wearing lycra . . . although saying that, there was lycra present!

“La Vida is proud to provide full
sponsorship to 46 children in 2009 at the Villa Maria School in the
outskirts of Lima in Peru. Here is a video of the children on their
first day at school.”

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