post-title Life – the fantastic new BBC series

Life – the fantastic new BBC series

Life – the fantastic new BBC series

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BBC Life Mondays 9pm

Being huge fans of the previous BBC environmental and wildlife series Planet Earth and generally having a lot of love for David Attenborough in the office, it wasnt surprising that on Monday night we were all glued to our TVs to watch the new, spectacular wildlife series – Life.

And it was fantastic – a fascinating insight into the lives of a huge variety of creatures. Andy’s favourite part was the close-ups of the chameleon’s tongue grabbing a praying mantis, Heather loved watching the seal dodging killer whales around a tiny piece of ice and amazingly emerging alive and my highlight has to be watching the 3 cheetahs work together the bring down a huge ostrich.


Watch the BBC video clip of the cheetahs here.


The series is on BBC1 on Mondays at 9pm and we cant wait for the next installment.


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