post-title LTT and the electric free fridge

LTT and the electric free fridge

LTT and the electric free fridge

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We have all seen wine thermos flasks to keep our white wine chilled on a hot day. Quite how they work has never been of much interest…… until now. The very same heat exchange that cools your wine or beer can be used to keep vegetables fresh for weeks at a time.

In Tanzania farming is about staying alive; crops that rot quickly are not generally grown. Yet these are the vegetables that are needed to fight malnutrition.

How many of your 5-a-day are you eating? Failure is your choice. In Tanzania failure is not a choice, there is no choice.  Eating your 1-a-day is a hard enough challenge.

The solution: Teach local women to make and sell large thermos flasks so that the vegetables can be kept fresh which will encourage people to grow them and so we can start to improve a family’s diet, their health and their ability to work and study

To buy a pot for a family at Waang’waray – £10.

This is the BEST Christmas gift any family could receive.  Contact for information on how you can give these to people for Christmas or visit the Livingstone Tanzania Trust here to learn more.
Volunteer with Quest at Waang’waray, Gap Year departs in January, Summer departs in July.