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Malawi Team Update

Malawi Team Update

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Rain, rain, rain, rain in Africa, what’s going on?! Within the last week we have worked in rain, played football with the youth group, shopped in Blantyre (shniedy Nandos, which wasnn’t actually a Nandos), attended a local wedding with live chickens and flying notes.

Malawi Summer

We’ve also had a few ill team members, but they’re all better now. It didn’t stop us inviting the scouts round (35 people). Nikki and Amy were so happy they were on cooking duty – washing up was crazy to say the least.

Piri Piri challenges took place (as per usual), big fires and mental dancing (Malawian). Over the past 2 weeks dance groups and drama groups have been going well, rehearsing for the end ceremony. We had chips for tea, card games are dying down now (thank God), however conversation regarding food still stands. The most emotional time yet has got to be our trip to Milo Primary School – such an eye opener.

Voluneer Malawi

Dennis (head teacher) explained the school’s history and financial state. There are 8 classrooms in the school, yet only 1 is legally owned – the contractors have not been paid by the government yet. There are over 150 children per classroom and resources are scarce, they’re lucky if they even have chalk to teach with. Dennis also informed us that the majority of supplies come from Joshua Secondary School.

As it was results day, we saw some of the children’s report cards, many had 100%, one of which was a high achiever who had been sponsored by Joshua to go to school, so it just goes to show your donationsto those who need it most really make a difference. We are all having a blast and really enjhoying the trip. Project work is coming on really well and fingers crossed for some sun. Love you all, little Questies xx

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