post-title Malawi Update 3

Malawi Update 3

Malawi Update 3

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The Malawi Summer Team this year have been working so hard they haven’t had time to send us an update – especially taking into account the speed of internet in Blantyre…

Nevertheless, at Quest we’ve endeavoured to get some details out of them so their followers don’t feel out of the loop.  The team finished the construction part of their work last Friday, having completed renovation work on the Community Based Care Centre in Chimwemwe township, and an 18-panel boundary wall to keep the centre secure for the children.


Construction work in rural Malawi is no mean feat without the use of any machinery, and this wall has involved hundreds of man-hours from the team carrying and laying the bricks, mixing the sand, cement and water  for the mortar – and not to mention the fiddly and long job of pointing all the brickwork!

It hasn’t all been about the building, though, and the volunteers have managed to get stuck into community work as well – just today they’ve been holding a sports day (for which we can’t wait to see the photos!) and will be attending a farewell dinner tonight.  At this, there’s sure to be much laughter and quite possibly a few tears.

Tomorrow bright and early the team will be heading up to the Lake for a bit of well-earned R & R…did someone say ‘pancakes on the beach’??!


Fancy eating pancakes on the beach at Lake Malawi?