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Messages from Kenya

Messages from Kenya

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A big thank you to last summers Kenya team from the self help groups of Kenya:

“I would like to see other volunteers come to work here in the future as it has had a very motivating effect on this community.”

Anna Katwele, 93, Malaika Self Help Group

“A sand dam here will change our environment. It will become more green and we will be able to use the water to grow vegetables…. I was interested to see how ‘mzungus’ work. I had heard that they do not work, but now I see that you can work like Africans do.”

Abednego Mwendwa, 18, Wikwatyo wa Kiambani Self Help Group

“I was interested to see if white people can do tough work and I wanted to be united with the other villagers. When you are working alone there are some goals that cannot be achieved, but when we come together there is nothing that we cannot achieve.”

Karoline Mwau, 32, Wikwatyo wa Kiambani Self Help Group

If you wish to be part of this summers team to Kenya you can find out more here, Kenya water relief project