post-title Name your own species….

Name your own species….

Name your own species….

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Unnamed JellyFish

Looking to live on in ecological immortality? Then why not take up the challenge to name one of Britains many un-named species. The competition is being run in conjunction with Natural England, The Oxford University Museum of Natural History and The Guardian. Plants and animals are dying out across the UK without ever being known to more than a few scientists, who have found common names are key to conserving endangered species as the general public find it hard to care about species with cold, clinical and hard to remember scientific names.

So get those creative juices flowing and give an imaginitive name to 10 currnetly un-named British species…including the beautiful coral-like Jellyfish, Haliclystus Auicula above and these below!

Unnamed Beetle

The nippy jet-skiing beetle, Stenus Longitarsis….

Unnamed Jellyfish

The stalked jellyfish, Lucernariopsis Cruxmelitensis

If you are passionate about conservation then why not find out more about our project out in the Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru in 2011.