post-title New record set by Kenya Team!!!

New record set by Kenya Team!!!

New record set by Kenya Team!!!

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Things are going incredibly well in Kenya. Already this years team have broken the cement mixing record – “the Quest team, ASDF staff and community up in Tawa have mixed 599 bags of cement in 2 days. The record was on day one when they mixed 300 bags. That’s broken the record previously set by the Excellent staff and ASDF last year (264 bags)”

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There has been some week one awards for the team, with chocolate prizes much appreciated as Friday was a tough day! Very hot and the longest work day yet. The team are all coming to terms with the fact that every lunch will mostly be maize and beans… not to be perturb by this however our Kenyan team have started in earnest to find the best sauce Africa has to offer.


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The team took a well-deserved break at the Tsavo Inn. Both Leaders Ran and Rose had told the team that although the hotel had a swimming pool it was closed for restoration, there were some great faces when they realised they could go in it – probably Emmy’s the best. Saturday was also spent relaxing, brainstorming a team motto and a really good games evening – Family Fortunes, signs and ninja to name a few. On Sunday half the team went to church with Rose, and half are stayed back with Ran, doing some washing, emailing and starting to work on the plans for the Kenya Team video. 
Sunday afternoon was a stakeholder analysis, problem tree etc. All information that will helps in our evaluation of the impact our teams are having overseas.


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Next week the team starts work with the Kipico community before taking on the biggest dam yet…. The Star Ya Thange sand dam!!!! Please take the time and click on the link to read about an emergency appeal from our Charity Partners Excellent development. Excellent Development