post-title Notes from the field – Matty in Sucre, Bolivia

Notes from the field – Matty in Sucre, Bolivia

Notes from the field – Matty in Sucre, Bolivia

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Hola everyone! Having read some fantastic blog reports from the Villa Maria GAP team 2014, I felt it was about time there was a report from a Quest Leader ‘in the field’!

My name is Matty and I am currently in the beautiful Bolivian City of Sucre.

Sucre has a chilled out, relaxed atmosphere that I have (as of now) been unable to find in the rest of Bolivia. From the multitude of funky little cafes, stunning plazas and breathtaking architecture, Sucre really is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy some of the best aspects of Bolivian culture.

I am currently busy preparing for the language phase of Ambue Ari Bolivia GAP 2014. The team arrives into Bolivia on 17th March and maaaaan do they have some amazing times ahead!

I want to share some of my favourite things in Sucre, however fear not Bolivia GAP team, I’m not giving away any of my plans for you guys!

So here’s the top three:

1) Wally
An ‘easy’ or ‘simplistic’ form of volleyball mixed with squash. This highly addictive sport gets even the most chilled out of people shouting, swearing and desperate to win… or perhaps that’s just me… I honestly think I’ve managed to get more blisters from some games of Wally than hiking in the Andes!

2) A Chocolate Caliente (hot chocolate) at the Mirador Cafe
Just yummm and a worryingly frequent occurance in the life of Matty. a 20 minute climb up a (fairly) steep hill leads the adventurous to what I can only describe as the best views of Sucre, an amazing place to relax in peace and, of course, the best hot chocolate I have been able to find in South America. Bolivia GAP 2014- you’re in for a treat!

3) The Mercados (Bolivian Markets)
Would you turn down a fruit salad made with the freshest array of fruit Bolivia has to offer? No? Me neither. The perfect place to meet with friends, sit back and immerse yourself in the busy bustle of Bolivian life while at the same time getting that tasty buzz from a natural fruity snack. You want to experience a country? Go to the local market. That’s where the REAL people are!

Looking back at my top 3 I fear I may have come across as a competitive, hot chocolate and fruit salad fanatic… while that may well be the case, I can assure you all that there is SO much to do and SO much fun to be had in Sucre. In my opinion it’s the perfect place for anybody looking to immerse themselves in Spanish.

(Oh and see you soon Bolivia GAP 2014!! If you want to contact me with any questions prior to your arrival in Bolivia, please email me at and I will reply to you as soon as Bolivian internet allows 🙂 )

Matty over and out