post-title On their way to the top of Africa

On their way to the top of Africa

On their way to the top of Africa

Quest News

Following their hard work on the Tanzania and Kenya projects, six intrepid volunteers and their leader Richard are working their way up Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free-standing
peak.  Needless to say, internet blogging
is neither particularly easy nor at the forefront of the team’s minds, but we
have had a progress update using the wonders of modern technology…

On Sunday, the guys set off for a
4-5 hour walk up to the Machame Huts for the first camp at just over 3000
metres and made it without a hitch. 
Taking things pole pole
(‘slowly’ in Kiswahili) is the only option; not only for stamina, but also to
allow everyone to acclimatise to the altitude bit by bit.

Shira Caves

Our latest update from Richard is
that the team have reached the Shira Caves (above) at 3600m, and are having a short
break before carrying on to the New Shira Camp, where they will stay tonight,
at 3847m.  The first two days’ ascent,
although challenging enough, will help to set the guys up for Days 3, 4 & 5
when they will find themselves pushed much harder, but for much greater reward
as they strive for  the summit!

Watch this space for further updates…

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