post-title One last update from Team Kenya (in the UK)

One last update from Team Kenya (in the UK)

One last update from Team Kenya (in the UK)

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Some final words from some of this year’s Kenya Summer Team, now relaxing at home…

seeing Giraffe (Giraffes?) at the start of an excitement filled bus journey on
the first day, to singing, dancing and working with Kamba communities to
construct 4 whole Sanddams, and finally spending a fantastic last few days with
the team camping in the wilderness and exploring Nairobi … its been an EPIC
trip. We’ve all become a close knit Teamo Wazimu and it will be sad to say
goodbye. Many happy memories though, enda nessa! – Stu (Mutunga)

an experience! I’ve had an amazing time in Kenya: working hard on site and
learning new skills, speaking Kikamba and seeing African life from the
“inside”. It has been wonderful working with such fabulous people and making
new friends. Without such hard work from everyone we’d never have broken the
record and helped construct FOUR dams. My high was definitely playing with, and
working alongside, the children.  Wish it
wouldn’t end. – Heather (Mbinya)

the most amazing 5 weeks it’s going to be so sad to leave Kenya! There have
been so many exciting experiences – dancing on the dam sites, singing on the
bus and meeting the loveliest people, on the team and the locals that we have
been working with. It’s been hard work, but worth every second to see what we
have achieved and with lots of happy memories. Go Questy Team 2011! –
Elin (Kamene)

time in Kenya has been an amazing experience and we will all take many memories
with us; from homestays with local families to mixing 238 cement bags in a day.
There have been challenges along the way including language barriers and
acclimatising to the pace of work, but everyone has worked well as a team and
we will all be sad to leave each other. The realisation of how our work has
helped with water security around Mtitto was a big high, especially seeing the
children contributing to the work for their futures. Ni muvea muno – Claire

has been the experience of a lifetime going far beyond any expectations. The
work was constant and challenging but the atmosphere was a catalyst for
persevering. The Quest leaders, team and kikamba people have been amazing, I am
going home with great friendships and memories at heart. It has been a blessing
to be able to help four communities within Mtito Andei, ensuring a sustainable
supply of water. Nesa Nesa Nesa – (Grace Bithai)

fantastic experience that won’t be forgotten. Like everrr – Simeon (Mutinda)

gave a dam… NO, we gave 4 dams!! Who knew that we would be able to change the
lives of 4 communities in just 4 weeks? But we managed it and all thanks to all
the people involved; the team, the leaders, ASDF and the local communities. We
were welcomed into each community whole-heartedly, given Kikamba names, helped
with our Kamba and welcomed into their homes during the home-stays. There is no
better experience one can expect to have! It has changed my life but more
importantly, it has changed the lives and blessed the communities with water
security, especially those children who were helping us at the site. Casi
Ondolai! – Radha (Kanini)

to Kenya this summer was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was able
to make a difference and improve water security and make a group of new friends
who I was able to share this experience with. The whole trip was absolutely
fantastic with our evening at Carnivore providing the perfect ending to the
trip – despite eating Ox testicles. Huge thanks to Quest for putting the trip
on and to our team leaders for making the trip as good as it’s been – I’ve had
the time of my life (so far) – Hamish (Kioko)

come to think of Kenya as a second home this past month. The welcome the team
was given by the African Sand Dam Foundation and the local communities we
worked with was incredible. It has been an absolute privilege to work alongside
such a fantastic team and I hope that the work we have completed will have a
profound impact on improving the water security in the Kamba area. I feel like
I now have a slight understanding of the difficulty those face without easy
access to water. The inspiration I have gained from those working to combat
this issue will remain with me and trust that the experience I have gained will
help me to appreciate how important a resource water is and how lucky I am to
have it on tap at home. – Paul (Mbatha)

love Kenya. Kenya changed my life. – Peter Chong