post-title Please give five minutes of your time to help LTT

Please give five minutes of your time to help LTT

Please give five minutes of your time to help LTT

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Pepsi in the USA have decided not to sponsor the Superbowl this year and are using the money to support charitable organisations. Each month they have a number of awards for $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $250,000. Our friends in the USA have submitted a project for our project partners in Tanzania – Livingstone Tanzania Trust – this month and could win $250,000. If we do, one of the schools supported by the Livingstone Tanzania Trust will benefit by having a playground installed in their school that turns children’s energy into electricity that can be used to pump water, light classrooms, run laptops etc. To win we need to have as many votes as possible and so need your help.

This project builds playgrounds that generate electricity and pump water, and inspire student ambassadors through an educational curriculum.  The vote is public, open to everyone and anyone in the world.  The top two ideas receiving the most votes, wins the money on April 30.  You can find our project easily through the search function at; we are in the $250K category; just type in “Play for Power” and vote for the project.  Encourage the ten seconds to click on the link, sign in first and then vote! If it doesn’t say “thanks” or “good job”, the vote didn’t count – often you need to click twice.  The video on the playground is worth watching and only three minutes long, or click on the student ambassador video below to see the curriculum effect.

 Thanks for your help.