post-title Quest Overseas climate change target

Quest Overseas climate change target

Quest Overseas climate change target

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As EU leaders battle in Copenhagen about how much they will pay towards the international global warming fund.  The fund will help developing nations meet climate change targets.  Here in the Quest Overseas UK office we have taken on the 10:10 challenge to cut our operating emissions by 10% over the next year. 

Already we have taken the following action:

•    Installed energy saving light bulbs, each one uses 80% less energy of a regular 50watt bulb.
•    Increased insulation around doors and windows.
•    Taken to wearing gloves and hats in the office.
•    Turned off all electronic equipment that was previously on standby.
•    Pledged to reduce car travel to gap year fairs, using Quest Overseas University reps and public transport.
•    To reduce energy use in our own homes and jump on our bikes!

Only 50% of our UK office staff have cars but our biggest contribution to our carbon footprint is on air travel.  Although we try our hardest to keep air travel for Quest Overseas staff to a minimum it is an essential part of what we do.  We have for 3 years now been offsetting all our staff flights through schemes run by Excellent Development and Rainforest Concern.  We also urge all our volunteers to do the same.

Find out about Excellent Development Tree Duty and Rainforest Concerns Forest Credits Programme schemes here.

Volunteer on our Gap Conservation projects in Swaziland and Manu, Peru.