post-title Quest Overseas Leader Selection this weekend

Quest Overseas Leader Selection this weekend

Quest Overseas Leader Selection this weekend

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Who would you trust to lower you into this?!

This weekend we will be starting our selection of our leaders for teams going overseas in 2010. It’s the leader which makes or breaks the trip, so so selecting the right ones is probably the most important task of the year for us. We’re very demanding in what we want our leaders to have in the way of skills and experience. Of course they must show they are responsible, and safety and security conscious, but it doesn’t stop there. Our leaders must be oracles in all things to do with the countries they are visiting, the projects they are working on and the activites they will be taking part in. They must be the first up in the morning, and the last to leave the bar at night. They are figures of authority, friends, counsellors, doctors, diplomats, the life and soul of the party, the lot!

Here are some comments from students on our leaders this year

Danny – “Legend, party animal with the groups best interests at heart.”

Rob – “He clearly enjoys South America and knew it well, so made sure we saw and did the best bits”; “I swear Rob knows everything about everywhere!”

Matt – “Omnipotent!” “Amazing (but a bit of an average dancer)!”

Sarah – “Caring”; “So supportive of us all”

Simon – “Great leader, knows his stuff and makes us feel safe”

Sarah C – “Was always in control! Got the best out of the group and each individual”

So for all of you coming in tomorrow, you have some tough acts to follow. Although the Sussex countryside doesn’t offer us the opportunity to get you doing things like in the photo above, be prepared to be pushed to your limits!