post-title Quest Summer Project Bursary 10 day countdown

Quest Summer Project Bursary 10 day countdown

Quest Summer Project Bursary 10 day countdown

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this year is whizzing by isn’t it?  Christmas feels like just yesterday and spring is almost here!  March 1st is the official deadline for applications to our
Quest Summer Project Bursary, which is worth a whopping £1000!  That means there are 10 days left still to apply, so if you are thinking about it, or know someone who would really benefit from this incredible opportunity, please shout it from the rooftops, (or send them the link at least!)


With this in mind, we thought we would share some of our favourite moments from last summer’s time overseas.  Just in case you were not sure what you might be missing out on…

Our Kenya sand dammers currently hold the hightest cement mixing record in Excellent Development history, with 300 x 50kg bags being mixed in one day.  That is 30 bags more than the previous record!  Just to put things in perspective, that is the equivalent of mixing about 2million average sized sugar bags!  (I may have estimated on the sugar part but it is a LOT of cement!)  




In Tanzania, volunteer Felix and local guide Assery went on a banana tree rampage, planting five huge baby banana trees in under a day.  Not only were the holes dug and the trees planted, but they also managed to carve out a water flow trench so that each tree could have a regular drink.  Meanwhile the rest of team Tanzania were cracking on with building the new school kitchen which would enable the staff and students to introduce a daily feeding programme.  That is, aside from the inevitable, ‘climb in the hole’ photo opportiunities, (thanks Hannah!) 




In South America, a massive highlight over the summer was that we had our first ever Quest Manu team.  These intrepid explorers spent four weeks out in the Peruvian jungle, building bio-gardens and agro-forestry plots, working with the local children to improve their English, and generally supporting CREES with their insanely forward thinking conservation and community based research.  It wasn’t all fun and games however, as they did get whipped by the local youth, and an alleged team of six-year olds on the sports feild.